Spinning the Web: Navigating Tufts’ Wireless Networks

When students, staff, and faculty wander onto campus, they cross not only a physical but also a digital border into Tufts University. The latter is what connects smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices to the Tufts wireless network. Providing service to thousands of users each day, campus Internet systems are extensive feats of digital architecture.

Postering Hate: Campus Activism and the Radical Right

On Wednesday, October 19, Tufts students woke up to find defamatory and racist posters plastered around campus. One poster listed the names of 10 Tufts students and one professor, labeling them as activists in Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), as well as supporters of the tactic of boycott,

Abolish Fraternities

CW: extreme sexual, physical, and gendered violence, explicit sexual content A previous version of this article named Tufts University Fraternities where incidents of bias and assault took place. In order to protect the identities of our sources—whom we don’t want to identify to protect their safety on a small and insular campus—we have decided to take the

Paid Family Leave in the Political Spotlight

In a speech on September 13, Donald Trump became the first major conservative voice to advocate for a federally funded paid maternity leave policy. He gave the speech flanked by his daughter Ivanka, who he thanked for “her work and leadership on the issues facing working moms in our country.” Trump’s speech reflects a cultural

Conversations with Clowns

Davey the Clown, who runs his personal entertainment business out of Roslindale, MA, has been receiving a lot of phone calls lately. “I’m getting, like, 10 a day,” he said, explaining that the calls were mostly pranks. “It’s primarily kids…they think it’s funny.” These calls, Davey explained, are a result of the recent phenomenon of

Secrets Through Art: A Note from the Artist

Secrets Through Art: A Note from the Artist   In Art as Process, we are assigned open-ended projects related to a theme or task. This week’s was secrets. We talked about our relationship to secrets—ours, others’, if we are good at keeping them or not. The class was given a spread of all different mediums

The Price Some Pay

“Sixty thousand dollars a year for this?” It’s common to hear this joke at university events with free meals or entertainment. Someone inevitably makes a sarcastic comment about their “tuition at work,” with the underlying assumption that every student is paying the $68,500 fee to attend Tufts in the 2016-2017 academic year. Yet for many

Defining Sisterhood

“Sisters. Living our Values. Changing the Future,” is Alpha Omicron Pi’s Vision Statement, which is fitting considering it was the close friendship of four Barnard women that established AOII in 1897, according to the organization’s official website. Close-knit friendship still characterizes the sorority, particularly the Tufts AOII Delta chapter, which is committed to establishing community