We Speak for Ourselves: Integrating Environmental Justice in Boston’s Climate Proposals

On the fifth floor of the Boston Children’s Museum, an eclectic group of students, reporters, property owners, and activists are gathered, united by a common interest in the newest climate change initiative from the city of Boston—Climate Ready Boston. The animated conversations around the room fade as Carly Foster, planner for Climate Ready South Boston,

Follow the Money: Tufts’ Sackler School, Purdue Pharma, and the Opioid Epidemic

In June 2013, Tufts President Anthony Monaco traveled to Purdue Pharma’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut to personally give Raymond Sackler an honorary degree. In 1980, Dr. Sackler and his brothers Arthur and Mortimer donated the funds to establish the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, which is located on the Tufts Health Sciences campus in

Relationships Reconstructed: A New Approach to Peer Health Exchange

“We want the students to feel connected to the material, we want the material to have an impact on students…But we want to deepen that impact,” says Bethany Allen, Director of Peer Health Exchange Boston, reflecting on the changes coming to the program starting next fall. Peer Health Exchange is a national organization that enlists

The Cross Cultural Experience

The international student presence can be felt on all fronts of the Tufts campus, from parties at the International House to the events put on by the culture clubs and the many different languages that students speak. In fact, 15 percent of the Tufts student body is composed of international students from 60 different countries.

Signs in the Stars

“The signs as types of fruit.” “The signs as conspiracy theories.” “The signs as stock photos.” A quick Google search of “astrology memes” will yield hundreds of results similar to these examples. It isn’t uncommon to be asked, “What’s your sign?” as an icebreaker, or to catch people reading their daily horoscopes along with their