If it Bleeds, it Reads

“If it bleeds, it reads” is the mantra that US marketing and media live by today. The media knows that it exists in an increasingly competitive “attention economy,” and that feeding people dull facts is not an effective tactic for keeping viewers captivated. Since more viewers translates into higher advertising value and therefore higher revenue,

Retail Robbers

The generation of millennial hipsters is notoriously progressive—or at least it pretends to be. According to a recent research study conducted by Harvard, this generation of millennials (ages 14–34) is the most liberal generation when it comes to social issues. This same group of mason-jar drinking, high-waisted shorts wearing, oversized glasses-donning, kale-munching and bicycle-riding “edgy”

Banning Tobacco: No War for a Smoke-Free America

A local health board’s proposal to ban the sale of all tobacco products made Westminster—a small town in central Massachusetts—a surprisingly fierce battleground in the war against smoking. A raucous public hearing, during which locals voiced concerns that the health board’s proposal would interfere excessively with civilian rights, resulted in the termination of the proposal

A Forum For Freedom: Building an Essential Global Activist Community

Out of injustice rises powerful resistance. The Oslo Freedom Forum, held each year in Norway, gathers the leaders of human rights campaigns and political movements for a three-day conference of speeches and workshops. Put on by the Human Rights Foundation, speakers include dissidents and activists, from protest leaders to cyber security experts to journalists. This

Viewer Discretion Advised

The entertainment landscape is dominated by spectacle; violence, gore, and gratuitous sex are preferred. In the news media industry, which ostensibly has the onus of informing the population, graphic images are considered taboo and draw volumes of complaints from offended viewers—mostly when the content depicts subjects who are familiar in appearance, values, and proximity to

Prejudiced Portrayals: How Western Media Misrepresents Iran

As Americans, there are a number of things we associate with Iran: fundamentalism, oppression, deception, irrationality, and brutality. America and Iran are fundamental opposites: they can never and will never get along. Or so they say. Since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, stereotypes have underscored the American understanding of Iran as a nation What this image