Color-Coded: Race, Class, and the Lasting Legacies of Redlining

Somerville, 1935: Infiltration of negro. Detrimental influences: obsolescence, low-class occupants, congested area. Foreign born concentrated at western end and negro in central part. Section south of the railroad is a slum area with negro concentrated near the west side. Trend of desirability over the next 10 years: down. Overall area: hazardous.   It is 1935.

Letter from the Editor

When a certain man who shall not be named—I’m not trying to get into a legal battle—threatened to sue the Tufts Daily, many of us, myself included, thought: Oh my god, it’s just a student newspaper, this is ridiculous. And the lawsuit is ridiculous—it’s ungrounded and will not stand trial. But there is something in