Polykhroma: Beyond the Gallery

The basement of 48 Winthrop on November 15 was not your typical party scene. Artists and viewers chattered indistinctly about discomfort and artistic intent, all dressed in thrifty formal clothing and sipping on jalapeño margaritas. The room was filled with strange and subversive juxtapositions: a visceral life-size charcoal portrait that you would expect to see

Emerging from the Chrysalis: The Lewkk Talks Fashion Show and the Future

The air is electric––and the fits? Impeccable. Enter: The Lewkk (pronounced “look”) is Tufts’ student-run fashion collective. The lovechild of Seniors Amari Diaw and Kaitlynn Hong, the Lewkk exists to “celebrate the fashion and stories of students of color,” according to their Instagram bio. From its humble origins as a high school project, the Lewkk has

Growing the Asian American Movement in Boston Chinatown (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-article series on activism in Boston Chinatown. To read part one, “Asian American Activism’s Roots in Boston Chinatown,” click here.  One year after graduating from Tufts in 1967, now-retired Boston public school educator Stephanie Fan received a call from a classmate who worked at Tufts-New England Medical Center. 

The Camera Chronicles: Big Jumbo is Watching You 

Over the past five years, Tufts University has rapidly expanded their video surveillance system. Now, a TUPD operator can access hundreds of high-definition live video feeds at any given time of day.  On Barnum Hall, a camera with the capability to zoom in on details up to 40 times has been installed at eye level,

Creating Consensual Communities on Campus

Is Tufts doing enough?  Content warning: Mentions of sexual assault policy All new Tufts students are mandated to receive training on the University’s “sexual misconduct” policies through the Office of Equal Opportunity. However, no mandated trainings exist for student groups on campus. The only mandated trainings are enforced by external organizations, such as the National