Iranian Diplomacy and Domestic Disagreement

Though a preliminary agreement was reached between American and Iranian negotiators on April 2 in Switzerland, the issues surrounding the new nuclear deal are far from over. As the New York Times points out, the presidents of both nations must “[sell] the agreement at home to constituencies deeply suspicious of both the deal and the

Critical Hit: What Gamergate Reveals About Sexism In Gaming

Trigger warning: This article contains references to suicide, sexual assault, and gender based violence. They are a group who believe they have been persecuted, targeted, and oppressed by society. They assert that they value “artistic freedom and equal opportunities.” They believe they have found an ethical problem in their community and are lashing out against

Off the Radar & Onto The Front Page

For a good part of 2014 and running well into 2015, there has been a seemingly endless barrage of aviation-related accidents throughout the world. The PA-34 that crashed in Kentucky and the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared somewhere in the Indian Ocean are two examples.  This slew of recent crashes seems to demonstrate a troubling

Side Eye from the Sideline

When you think of Asian and Asian American celebrities in television and film, who do you think of? Jackie Chan? Bruce Lee? Lucy Liu? This pool is limited in both quantity and scope. There aren’t very many famous Asian American actors, and those who exist are consistently relegated to roles that are sidelined, demeaning, and/or

Planned Obsolescence: Engineering Our Consumer Obsession

Faster. Lighter. Clearer. Thinner. Better. These are just some of the words random street-goers used in 2012 to describe the new iPhone 5 in comparison to their current Apple smartphones. One caveat: they were actually given the iPhone 4s, a prank pulled by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to highlight the American obsession with buying the hottest

Dear Only Other Brown Person In The Room,

I wonder, have you noticed yet? Have you noticed your skin-color-bearing compatriot out of the corner of your eye? Because I have. I am, in fact, indisputably and acutely aware of your presence at the other end of the room. Your presence: it’s this huge, thundering, elephant in the version of this room that’s inside