Rethinking Self Care

“In the event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you. Secure your own mask first before helping others.” This standard in-flight safety spiel has become a maxim for the self-care movement, filled with a variety of “self-care 101” guides, interactive checklists, and cosmetics advertisements disguised as articles for essential

Will the Real Wendell Phillips Please Stand Up?

This piece has been edited from the way it appears in print. There was a misquotation regarding the winning speech in the printed version of this article; it has since been edited and re-published as it appears here. An additional open letter to the CSL can be found here.    Each year, in honor of

What Can SNAP Do? Addressing Food Access in Low Income Communities

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients, most of whom are children in low-income families, receive an average of $125.80 in benefits to supplement their food shopping necessities per month. This breaks down to a less than impressive $1.50 per recipient for each meal per day. While the program is among the largest of its kind

Re-Writing the Code: Local Initiatives to Support Youth of Color in STEM

The future is now. Technology is being incorporated into almost every industry, and its relevance and presence is growing in modern society. According to USA Today, there are currently over 7.3 million jobs in the technology industry, and that number is rapidly increasing. Major tech companies are expanding into areas in which they did not

Warning: Examining Tufts Safety Alert Policies In the Wake of The Recent Handgun Scare

Just five days after the March for Our Lives, a protest against gun violence in Washington, DC, a Tufts student reported to TUPD that she saw someone carrying a gun on campus at around 2:50 p.m. After talking to an officer, the student posted in the Tufts Chi Omega Facebook page about what she had

Why are staff and faculty of color leaving?

In the past month, it has come to our attention that at least 11 professors and staff of color have announced that they will be leaving Tufts University. These are some of the individuals who have shaped our most meaningful experiences at Tufts, and when we heard they were leaving, the two of us were

What’s in a name?

Content warning: This article mentions incidents of sexual assault.   Just across the Mystic River from Somerville’s Assembly Square towers the shell of Wynn Boston Harbor, the $2.4 billion casino in Everett set to open in June 2019. Reported to be the largest private, single-phase construction project in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,

Un bagel de sésamo, sin schmear.

That’s me you just heard, ordering a sesame bagel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among the things I’ve learned about myself over the last many months studying here is that I care deeply, inordinately, about the places we eat. Last week, I finally made it to Sheikob’s Bagels, where the American owner, Jacob Eichenbaum-Pikser, is bringing