The (New) Age of Disillusionment

At some point, everyone experiences that disappointing, moment when, for the first time, admired leaders let their veil of morality and wisdom slip, revealing their imperfections. This person might be a beloved teacher, an older sibling, a politician, a university administrator, or even the head coach of a football dynasty. For me, growing up Catholic

Dance/Draw Exhibit Review

Through January 16, Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art is running an exhibit entitled “Dance/Draw.” Spanning the past several decades and arriving at the present, the exhibit explores an ever-changing relationship between dancing, drawing, and the artist. “Dance/Draw” encompasses the work of many different artists in all sorts of styles and mediums, and the ICA describes

What Happened to the Hope: Obama and the Myth of the Presidency

It has become almost canonical these days to call Barack Obama a disappointment. Only three years into his presidency, the liberal and centrist arguments against Obama already seem old and repetitive: he doesn’t have the strength to stand up to Republicans, he’s just more of the same, he has compromised too much, he simply hasn’t done anything. Is this true? Does this really mean failure? Are liberals justified in their disappointment in a man who inspired almost religious fervor only three years ago?