Forced Migration in the 21st Century

Western media has a habit of speaking about refugees and the conflicts that create them in isolated terms: “the European refugee crisis,” “the Syrian refugee crisis, “the Jordanian refugee crisis.” These crises are spoken about as if they are not connected—as if displacement is not a product of our current world order and a reality

The Wall We’ve Built

Just south of San Diego and north of the Mexican city of Tijuana, a 52-mile long line of fence cuts across the landscape. From the ground, the fence is intimidating, at least 10 feet tall and made of steel. Once viewed as one of the “easiest” and most frequented points at which to cross the border, this wall is the site

The Hyphenated Identity

My mother has always had that grating kind of Jersey accent. Her voice is loud, rising and dropping in strange places, drawls seamlessly morphing into rapid streams of words. I grew up comfortable with these harsh intonations, finding soothing reassurance in her boisterous affection and essential fear in her disappointing scolds. If you cut her

Transnational and Transracial

When Lauren Jacobs was seven, she went grocery shopping with her dad. A stranger, in seeing her interact with her father, attempted to make sense of their relationship by asking her dad if he was Lauren’s stepfather. “No, this one’s mine, she’s my daughter,” Lauren’s father said. He pulled her into his arms, and walked away. “That was the moment I

Undocumented Students at Tufts

Every April 7, United We Dream, America’s largest nonpartisan youth-led immigration organization, hosts National Institutions Coming Out Day. According to their website, the event “encourage[s] educators to publicly come out and be proud about supporting and working alongside undocumented students.” This day became significant in Tufts University history last year, as the college officially changed its admissions

The Faceless Crisis

It is hard to open the pages of a newspaper or magazine today without being confronted by news of the refugee crisis. “More than one million refugees cross into Europe!” “Half a million apply for asylum in the EU!” Headlines are saturated with alarmist rhetoric, counting on the bloodless gravitas of numbers and statistics to move the desensitized news consumer to action, or

Evaluating Electability

On the day he formally announced his candidacy for president, Bernie Sanders put the country on notice: “Don’t underestimate me,” he said in an interview with ABC News. He was speaking to those who doubted the chances of a 74-year-old democratic socialist from Vermont—as unkempt as he was unknown—winning the highest seat in government. Despite this warning, even his supporters initially saw his