Random Trysts & Bucket Lists | Milas and Stella Decide to See Other People

By Milas Bowman and Stella Dennig   We have always wanted to get reader mail. Our goal for this week? To be asked out by a reader. Successful? The ball is in your court. See end of article for email addresses. OkCupid for dummies If you haven’t already heard from the growing number of Tufts

Digital Love

Sex is on our minds all the time. We can be happily single, desperately looking for love, part of a serious relationship, or trying to piece together the blur of our most recent hook up, but our intimate relationships with each other dictate a large part of our lives here on campus. Though sometimes it feels like the Tufts campus is brimming with happy couples, most students still find themselves entrenched within Tufts’ particular brand of hook-up culture. However, growing sick of the hook-up scene, more and more college students are turning to online dating as a legitimate alternative to the 123 basement.