Give Me a Break… I’m Really Sincere

Gladioli cut curbside crop lines Compulsion, revulsion, grassy submission Plucking familiarity in silence, stalks of pink Ivy sprig of white tendrils: anxious to please  Maiden chasms,  I swear I saw a salmon  Resentment, anger, your presence soothes me Egotism, formality, stay as sweet as you are Deception, gracious lady, will you dance with me? Amongst

Mariegold Bakery

—After José Garcia Villa Electric, fans, jolt, towards, Santo, Niño’s, bright, and, careful, eyes Listless, fish, push, through, thick, water, Gumballs, crack, in, quarterless, machines,   Wedges, of, honeyed, light, Drench, an, infantry, of, SPAM,  While, the, hopia, sits, patiently, in glass, cases,   Waiting, Place,   Iginagalaw, ang, mga, electric, fans, sa, Mga, makinang,