if you only use this bathroom to shit in private don’t use this bathroom

  Dear members of the Tufts community, About a month ago, we left a little note for you in the Campus Center gender-neutral bathroom. We know you saw it, but just for a little refresher, it said: “If you only use this bathroom to shit in private, don’t use this bathroom.” In response to this,

Make Space for Black Joy

There is a white sign in a black frame in the entryway of the Medford Tufts University Art Gallery that reads: “Exhibition Content Warning: Please be advised this gallery contains artwork that references gun violence.” The sign refers to the Sanford Biggers BAM series, an exhibition that aims to memorialize and honor unarmed Black victims

Anti-Climactic: Why are we all faking orgasms?

For the ‘Pleasure’ issue, we explored the intersection between the physical and emotional elements of pleasure through orgasms. We wanted to highlight a phenomenon that we all know occurs but is often left out of the conversation about pleasure and sex: faking orgasms. Depending on your personal sexual background, the idea of having an orgasm