Developing the Future: Examining Michelle Wu’s Call for Abolishment

“We can’t afford to maintain a complicated system that only the powerful & privileged can navigate.” This quote began City Councilor Michelle Wu’s Twitter thread on an early Monday morning. The thread addressed the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) and called for its complete abolishment. The BPDA is a public, self-funded agency that oversees

The Image of Our Community: Disaggregate Tufts’s Racial Data by Ethnicity

I happened upon data disaggregation because I felt marginalized during class discussions on race that perpetuated the Model Minority Myth. These discussions invalidated my experience as a person of color, and I set out to research what it meant to be Asian American in a foundationally White institution. My research fundamentally changed how I view

Swiped Out: Swipe Night Is Reshaping How We Use Tinder

It was just another boring Sunday night. I was still recovering from a long week of classes, so I decided to while away my time on the monotonous swipe-fest that is Tinder. To my surprise, I wasn’t greeted with the usual red and white user interface that presented all the boys I will never match

Expectations Unfulfilled: Addressing the Disconnect between Students and CMHS

Each academic year, Tufts Counseling and Mental Health Services (CMHS) works with over 25 percent of the undergraduate student body on both the Medford/Somerville and Boston SMFA campuses. Another 8 to 10 percent utilize local community-based mental health providers. According to the Task Force on Student Mental Health Report that was released earlier this month,

Confronting Hate

On September 17, 2019, students received an email in their inbox from Tufts President Anthony Monaco with the subject line “A message to the Tufts community.” The email reported that two days prior, a Jewish student had returned home to his dorm room and found “a swastika affixed to his door.” Monaco condemned the incident

The Museum of Queer Ecology: Finding Fluidity in the Natural World

When you walk into the Distillery Gallery in South Boston, the captivating and somewhat eerie audio of people chanting and talking fills the space. Among the exhibits, you can find wooden sculptures, a white igloo-like habitat glowing softly, and dildos made of fungi.  The gallery is currently showing an exihibit entitled “Museum of Queer Ecologies,”