Tufts in the 21st

New educational demands prompt establishment of Colonialism minor and proposed Film and Media major. In an effort to keep up with the contemporary global context, new and innovative degree programs at Tufts are debuting this fall in response to student demand. Including a new Colonialism Studies minor and proposed Film and Media major, these concentrations

The Death of Amateurism

University students were on summer vacation when they heard the news about the NCAA. On August 8th, federal judge Claudia Wilken ruled on the landmark O’Bannon v. NCAA class-action lawsuit. Her final decision was that the NCAA must amend the rules regarding their use of athlete likenesses for commercial purposes without compensation. According to Wilken,

Is College Really the Best Four Years of Your Life?

Twenty-somethings lean against sweaty walls, shouting with laughter in their boozy bliss. A too-close crowd dances to the latest major-key, remixed pop song. The auto-tuned voice sings about being young and free. We’ve all been here before—your typical Tufts party, filled with a few friends and strangers you don’t know, but worry you might want