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Digital Love

Sex is on our minds all the time. We can be happily single, desperately looking for love, part of a serious relationship, or trying to piece together the blur of our most recent hook up, but our intimate relationships with each other dictate a large part of our lives here on campus. Though sometimes it feels like the Tufts campus is brimming with happy couples, most students still find themselves entrenched within Tufts’ particular brand of hook-up culture. However, growing sick of the hook-up scene, more and more college students are turning to online dating as a legitimate alternative to the 123 basement.



This September, President Anthony Monaco finally became a part of our campus—our weird but awesome blend of some of the most academically unique and diverse university students in the country. This is our new leader, the man who will be the emblem of everything that Tufts’ amalgamation of student voices seems to say when blended together. So far, all contact between President Monaco and the student body had been through e-mail, newsletters from the presidential search committee and fairly frequent Twitter updates, so we were all excited to finally meet the man we’d been hearing about for so long in person.

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