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The Best of Somerville

The O’s favorite selection of cafes, restaurants, and other local gems—all no further than a Joey or bike ride away from campus.


81 Holland Street, Somerville MA 01244

Simply put, Dave’s is the king of comfort food. Though branded as a specialty neighborhood grocer, to most Tufts students, Dave’s is fondly known as the best lunch joint in the area. The deli offers every kind of sandwich, wrap, and panini imaginable, as well as an impressive selection of specialty drinks and side items to complete the meal. The grocery section also has a variety of homemade soups, cheeses, and, of course, pastas available to buy and take back to the dorm mini-fridge.

Beware: Dave’s is closed on Sundays. Keep this in mind to avoid the heart-wrenching disappointment of facing a cruel “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign after you’ve eagerly walked all the way from Tisch’s silent study room. Consider yourself warned!


45 Day Street, Somerville MA 02144

This eco-conscious pizza nook offers a selection of clay-oven-fired flatbreads with local organic toppings. The restaurant has its own candlepin bowling alley and bar, so the weekend dinner crowd ranges from eclectic bar hoppers to young Somerville families. If you plan on going with a large group, make sure to reserve a table and bowling slot ahead of time—the venue tends to stay busy from six o’clock onwards.

N.B. Flatbread’s classic chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream is arguably the best dessert within a 10-mile radius of the Tufts campus. At all costs, try this delectable creation. But seriously.


36 Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144

A Tufts favorite, JP Licks is located in the heart of Davis Square and attracts sweet-toothed Jumbos all year round. For the warmer months, JP Licks offers an extensive array of ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors like Kowla Brownie, Pineapple Sherbet, and Butter Almond. For the good part of the academic year though, hot fudge sundaes and JP Licks’ own Brew Coffee may serve as more warming sweet-treat choices for the frostbitten Tufts student.


257 Elm Street, Somerville MA 02144

Formerly a car repair garage, Diesel Café has incorporated an auto-inspired theme into its coffeehouse concept, taking the space’s original purpose to heart. Diesel’s relaxed atmosphere, free WiFi access, and delicious baked goods, sandwiches, teas, and coffees make it an ideal off-campus study spot. Also, be sure to check out the café’s pool tables and vintage black-and-white photo booth.


420 Highland Ave, Somerville MA 02144

Of the several pan-Asian hotspots in Davis Square, S.S. approaches the art of sushi with the most creativity. Its modern boutique feel and avant-garde menu (which offers rolls like the Newbury Fashion Roll) puts an American twist on traditional Japanese cuisine. And did we mention that every roll off the fancy roll menu is work of art? Aesthetically pleasing and scrumptious sushi—what’s not to love? O

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