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The Top 5 YouTube Application Videos

As you may have heard from the New York Times, ABC World News, or Gawker, Tufts Undergraduate Admissions has instituted an optional YouTube video option on this year’s undergraduate application. All of said news sources highlighted some of the best videos, but over here at the Observer – being true Tufts Jumbos and all – we thought it our duty to do the same. We are the ones who are going to potentially have to rub elbows with these youngsters in Dewick…

1. Betty Quinn AKA bettygoesboop – “Color Me Betty”

This isn’t even a contest. Do you hear me Bendetson? I don’t even care about rest of her application, this video was far and away the best one. Seriously, I want Betty Quinn in. I don’t even think Wes Anderson could’ve done better when he was 17. Well, who knows… but really, it’s that good.

2. Deise AKA cheezymicron – AKA “The Karaoke Girl”

Any kid who has the guts to sing shamelessly in stunna shades to Neyo as part of their college application is welcome at my next pre-game any time. Tufts has been begging for some more spunk on-campus and this girl is most certainly fierce. Work it, Denise.

3. Shelby Listokin AKA shelbylistokin – “Through the Wire Girl”

Shelby, your framed high school picture? Adorable. Your Kanye-post-jaw-surgery rap? Priceless. Someone get this girl a Freshens smoothie.

4. Max Smiley – AKA maxmsiley – “Crazy Apple Stop-Motion Shit”

There were an obscene number of stop-motion videos floating around, most of which were reflective of the kids who made them: jerky and slightly awkward. Mr. Smiley’s, on the other hand – extremely impressive. Who knew apples could be so cool in skinny jeans? He made me smile, and un-ironically at that.

5.  Isabella Schiller AKA ithykinth – “Macbeth Monologue”

Unsex me here at Tufts, Isabella.

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