Poetry & Prose

tied loves

i’d surrender my whole heart to you, 

every chamber, ventricle, string. 

promise me we’ll knot ourselves together,

artery to vein, skin & organs, 

a single soul spliced into two. 

thought i’d never know the feeling,

that searing heat, bone-deep, 

something you can’t quite place. 

convinced my heart was too weak, 

blood spilling through canals, 

faint murmur ballad. 

so you filled the rooms of my heart, 

poured kintsugi through the cracks, 

what once was hidden now filled with gold,

into beautiful brokenness, 

subject of my heartsong. 

the greeks used to say

humans were eight-limbed, two-faced, whole-hearted, 

so the gods split us apart, each body destined to aimlessly wander

until finding our other half,

& the two parts become whole again, 

carrying the distant familiarity of a vessel once shared. 

two souls, hearts, & minds blended, 

until the echoes sound the same. 

i’ll be the one who kisses you at dawn, 

tracing the moon on your back until daybreaks, & our hearts emerge again, tied.