Tufts in Spring

For months, Tufts students have endured the cold. This winter kept us shivering in our rooms, occasionally venturing out to trudge through the snow to classes. But with the end of the sub-30 degree-days drawing near, there’s a sense of excitement in the air about the possibilities of spring on campus. The coming months will bring fewer layers of clothing and countless hours of chilling on the Prez Lawn—especially on a certain day in mid-April. There may still be a 2-inch layer of snow on the tennis courts, but the Observer staff is getting excited about spring.


The Great Outdoors

So maybe your idea of an outdoor adventure is walking to Davis instead of taking the Joey. But if you’re feeling a little more daring, the Tufts Mountain Club is always doing something, from slacklining on the Academic Quad to road tripping to the Loj for a weekend of shenanigans. Join their e-list for weekly updates on activities like kayaking, hiking, climbing, and more. You could also find your one friend who has a car, and do your best to convince them that they really do want to pretend they’re Thoreau at Walden Pond. If you’re unsuccessful, some of Boston’s beaches are accessible by T, commuter rail, or ferry.


Don’t Stop the Music

Clearly Nelly, Yeasayer, and 5 And A Dime coming to the Hill for Spring Fling will be a highlight of the season. Who doesn’t love day drinking and jams like “Hot in Herre”? Beyond that, upcoming concerts on campus include Battle of the Bands and other student-organized shows. But many of Boston’s 51 other colleges host annual spring concerts, some of which are definitely worth crashing. We’re not disclosing where we’ll be heading undercover, but we encourage you to do some research. Finally, while we may be out in the ‘burbs, Boston’s music scene is just a T ride away.


Jumbo Fun

NQR may be outlawed, but that hasn’t stopped Tufts kids from, well, being Tufts kids. School-sanctioned nudity is no longer an option but that’s only one way of expressing school spirit. It may surprise you to discover that we are a collegiate institution with athletics to support, and their spring games/matches/tournaments are an excuse to spend even more time outside. But if sports aren’t really your scene, there are concerts and plays to attend, an art gallery to explore, and, above all, a crafts center to make your domain. Find the hidden secrets of Tufts’ campus—they’re out there, we promise.


I Like Bikes

With the snow melting, it’s time to stop relying on the bike machines in Tisch Sports Center and start heading to the library for your athletics. As of February 21, Tufts Bikes is once again providing bikes to rent for free at Tisch. Cycle around campus, or fill your basket at Shaw’s, or even venture down the Charles River—the opportunities are endless. As their website explains, “Cycling is a perfect way for students to explore the community, meet their transportation needs, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy an opportunity for fun and healthy exercise.” What’s not to love?


Sporting Life

Intramural sports are a great way for anybody—regardless of athletic talent—to get a group of friends organized and motivated to play outside together. For spring, the available intramural sports are 3-on-3 basketball, dodgeball, lacrosse, and indoor soccer. Find easy to follow instructions for sign up at In addition, after a successful fall season, the Quidditch team is bringing its own intramural program back. If you’re looking for a way to play sports but don’t want the huge commitment that being a varsity athlete entails, then these intramural options are for you.


Kindergarten 2.0

We’re not six years old anymore, but that doesn’t have to stop us from doing the same activities we used to love in elementary school. Go climb some trees around campus. Set up a game of foursquare on the library roof. Grab a Frisbee and toss it around with your friends on the field by the track. Hula-hoop with some friends outside the Campus Center. Get colorful with chalk on sidewalks around campus. Drinking and partying may still be the popular nighttime activities on the weekend, but that doesn’t mean your day-to-day escapades need to be dull.

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