Poetry & Prose


Once I moved closer to the ocean 

I finally wrenched my body out 

from under the circular core of the earth. I was covered in termites but I 

brushed them off and drenched my shoes in puddles. I sat in the backseat while we passed sharp shards of sky and glistened. 

I bared my fangs at curly haired creatures

and slept with my body wrapped in the silk of all the good nights. Reclaiming myself was a poem that actually came true, but soon enough I returned to my inevitable; 

April throttled me under the concrete and smashed the sun into pebbles.

the sun wilts in submission 

sooner most days it seems it shun

the spawning bodies longing 

to stretch up into it bodies thronging

to find rebirth in it’s slanting light.

coffee structures the hours 

like pillars, towers

over me in my

subconscious, laughs sly

at me in the stumbling morning

promises of tomorrow luring.

till then i’ll diminish 

head down into the 

dwindling days it seems

we will never finish