Poetry & Prose

Veins, Grids

Plastic city room for two / stay for the fireworks / up

up to you / take the downtown express I go 

to lie, shoelaces untied by the fresh flowers / eucalyptus young 

from the plaza tucked a letter, cursive exaggerate / someone else’s 

name / I toss and think a non-thought / eucalyptus 

aromatherapy, antiseptics or air freshener 

for this room on Avenue

of the Americas / I am still / 

Meet me at mine / Your chardonnay white

face, I smell / manicured royal blue,

soirée self-preservation I know / people like you fully 

furnished / devastating I am a placeholder, psychotropic 

medication / something other than / loving too,

you must know I should keep the vase / and I will

shave my head and bring it to the matinee.


The croissants were shaped

like the Venus Willendorf / they tasted like you 

inside / Spiteful palate, sweet 

Seroquel and chocolate rich

make my fingernails hurt / I dig

into the cheesecake off-white

from the corner bodega / go home

to my Hopper, pointed chins to pointed drinks.



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