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Walking Up a Big Hill By Myself

I think I fell in love with you

While walking up a big hill by myself. 

In Laconia, New Hampshire,

It wasn’t cold out and I was walking fast

So I got sweaty there in my winter coat

And stopped to put some snow

On the back of my neck.

I think I fell in love with you 

While bent over a machine

Wrench in hand

Tightening one bolt

Loosening another. 

My hands were not yet calloused 

So they hurt and I stopped

For a minute to let warm water

Run over them.

I think I fell in love with you 

While riding a subway line that doesn’t exist.

It starts in August in dry meadow and ends

In February in wood by frozen lake.

It never enters the city.

I missed my stop because I fell asleep.

The conductor woke me up at the terminal 

And lent me cab fare.

I still haven’t paid him back because he

Does not exist.

I fell in love with you

When you sang to me

While I sank to the bottom 

Of an Olympic-sized pool.

Your song had no words because

I could not hear them beneath the surface.

I am at the bottom of the pool now. I love you.

Can you pay the conductor for me?

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